I have always been passionate and vocal about my views; especially regarding injustice of any sort, from gender inequality to race relations and even access to education. I am always vehemently on the side of the oppressed. This year however I became avidly interested in issues surrounding black people world wide, particularly police brutality. The more I learnt about these injustices, the more compelled I felt to dig deeper. This led to a more profound unearthing of history, religion, the bible, spirituality and overall consciousness. I soon  realised that these things were interlinked thus fuelling  my thirst for enlightenment . As I delved deeper,  I began to realise just how much I didn’t actually know about history, the world we live in and about myself. I uncovered knowledge I would class as life changing and felt obligated to share it. Often bombarding my Facebook friends with long blog worthy posts! The majority of the topics I discuss are what some would describe as controversial; which is why I was hesitant to share them at times.  However I came to the understanding that knowledge and truth can only strengthen you. They say knowledge is power and I agree, however knowledge of self is nirvana. It is imperative to know who you are and where you came from. These things will undoubtedly help you understand present times and solidify the future.  A few people reached out to me and encouraged me to start a blog in order to share my experiences and discoveries on this journey. I flat out refused initially; but they kept insisting and eventually I thought what’s the worst that could happen?! So voila! The rantings of Tesolil was born.