Mini thought pockets

They say women like to come out of their “feminine energy” and revert to masculine energy – as if to say they (men) aren’t the ones that orchestrate the situation. You smile uncomfortably and you say no politely, you adjust your proximity and you shift to remove your body from their unwanted touch. Yet they insist and persist.  You then have no choice but to revert to what they like to call ‘masculine energy’ but what I like to call “the only language they understand”.  Men do not respect softness in women- this is why they refuse to honour your requests when you are soft and this is why they constantly want us to stay in that soft energy because it makes it easier for them to manipulate us and mold us to their will.  99% of the time that I set a boundary politely with men they disrespect it. I typically have to revert to “masculine energy” in order to get them to back off and respect my boundary. It’s absolutely fucking exhausting at times, but I no longer demonise reverting to my so called masculine energy. My masculine energy is my protection. And I am grateful for it. For the most part what men call masculine energy is women just being assertive and standing up for themselves in a tone that does not pacify their egos. The question shouldn’t be why do women revert to masculine energy. The question should be why do men feel so threatened by women exhibiting masculine energy. What is the real reason behind it.

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