I couldn’t understand when people would see me and assume that I only associated with money, luxury and materialism.

I would see it as an insult on my person. 

“I’m down to earth!” I would struggle to tell them.   

I assumed the light they saw was negative. 

But now I realise that what they see is my wealth shining through. 

To them, I look like I only deserve the nicest things, clearly. 

They look at me and think, she’s not ordinary. 

I couldn’t see that before but now I do. 

I am a wealthy woman. 

It is written in my stars. 

I am no longer perplexed. 

Tell them I look like wealth. 

It’s ingrained in my fingerprint. 

Embedded in my DNA. 

Decided before I even entered this realm. 

I could never accept less

In all facets of my life

I am a wealthy woman. 

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