Sweetness of the soul

We are made of the same things as the stars in the sky.
The same things that are in the soil, are in us.
The same water that is in the oceans, is the same water that is in us.
Our tears and sweat taste just like the seas.
The fruits on the trees, organically, are the sweetest nectar you have ever tasted.
Orgasmic even.
The bees produce the sweetest honey that doesn’t expire.
Delighting the senses.

These things, all from the earth.
These things, all have the same ingredients as you.
These things, all come from the same source as you.
Now take a moment to try and fathom the kind of sweetness you must have within you.
My, my, my.
The infinite potential.
The power.
The goodness.
Sweet sweet supernatural being.

See your sweetness is your energy.
You leave a taste of euphoric bliss in people’s souls after you encounter them.
You emit the frequency of your inner sweetness
Which pours forth from your soul,
By being your authentic self.
Your authentic self only brings out the best in you.
Your highest self.
An absolutely intoxicating Divine sweetness.
Tap in and radiate the sweetness of your soul back out into the cosmic field.
Sweet sweet supernatural being.

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