Beauty is Pain?

Beauty is pain? 

Who told you that? 

They lied. 

True beauty

Natural beauty that we all possess

That was given to us freely by The Most High. 

Is painless.

It is your natural Divine God given state. 


They sell us this false notion of beauty. 

This notion of beauty that says the way we were created naturally, is below par. 

This notion of beauty that rubbishes natural painless beauty, in favour of false, pain inducing “beauty.” 

This notion of beauty that plagues us with insecurities in order to then exploit us by selling us the so called ‘solution’, which often involves plenty of money and pain. 

With each new fad, they take us further and further away from our true nature, our true essence and deeper into the capitalist consumerism cycle of destruction and never ever being enough. 

The programming is working over-time. We behave exactly how they anticipated and thus the cycle continues. 

Society’s interpretation of beauty;  if you think about it, is mostly used as a tool to further oppress women. 

We must wax our eyebrows. 

We must wax our legs. 

We must wax our armpits. 

We must wax our pubic hair.

We risk our lives to undergo extremely painful and dangerous major surgery to alter our bodies. 

We remove from here and inject into there.

We file our teeth down to nothing in order to insert mans version of beauty into our mouths.

We have become obsessed with this false notion of beauty. 

But see the thing is you were already beautiful as you are. The universe made no mistakes on you. You don’t need the whistles and the bells. You don’t need to go through the “beauty is pain” cycle.

Beauty isn’t pain. 

Beauty is beauty. 

You are Beauty. 

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5 thoughts on “Beauty is Pain?

  1. Tess, you are so right. Natural beauty doesn’t cause us pain, but artificial beauty does. To think of it, your write up says it all….well-done!


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