71 Lessons

I have been in a few situations now where someone is being disrespectful to another human being but because the person supposedly has “money”, other people tell the disrespected to , ‘be quiet and get over it’. I hear, “Who are you?! Do you know who so and so is?!”- as if money makes it okay to be an asshole. It also shows just how inferior people feel and just how little they value themselves. It really should not be that way. A persons money does not determine their worth in any way shape or form to me. It doesn’t matter if a person doesn’t have one cent to their name, that doesn’t make them less than and it gives you no right to disrespect them. I absolutely do not have an inferiority complex. So if you ask who I am, I will tell you. 

I am Akhatesoafiesokere

First and only of my name. 

I am worthy of respect, love, happiness and the finest life the universe has to offer.

I determine my worth.

Not you, not money, not society’s standards.  


Born magnificent.

71 soul lessons that brought me peace these past two years:-

The Universe is God and God is the Universe. 

God is a genderless force that lives within us all. Not an angry white bearded human being that sits in the sky.

But if we are being super technical. The  Energy of the universe is feminine, Mother Nature, Mother Earth – the only creative force is the Divine feminine. So technically the all encompassing force that is The Most High is undeniably the Divine Feminine. 

Women are actually amazing beings whose natural way of life is not to be restricted and oppressed like they have tried to make us believe. 

Our bodies must be embraced and not shamed or despised under the guise of “sacredness”.

There is no such thing as “ladylike”.  

We can enjoy life unapologetically without restrictions. 

We have the capacity to decide who and what we want to be. 

Only you truly know what’s inside your soul and what’s best for you.

Trust yourself. 

We must embrace our individuality and authenticity even when it makes others uncomfortable. 

Daily affirmations and rituals are good for the soul. 

Burning Sage and incense do wonders for the energy around you and your personal energy.

Crystals are amazing and carry various energies that make our daily lives more fulfilling.

Meditation and yoga, centres and grounds me. 

A consistent 10 minutes a day,  3 times a week, work out makes a huge difference on the body. 

I love my self. 

I treat myself with so much more care and love, not just when others are looking but 24/7 even more so when I’m alone.

Aligning with the moon and the stars regulates our connection with the universe and our ability to live in abundance.

Monthly 24hr full and new moon fasts are amazing for the mind body and soul.

The Natural lifestyle is the best way for me. 

Things with flesh and blood should not be consumed into the body. They’re mucus causing and very harmful in the long term. 

Fresh Lime slice is a FANTASTIC natural deodorant.  

Don’t stress your skin with too many products. 

Ditch the towel. 

Oil your skin whilst it’s still wet.  (It will change your life) 

My skin adores olive and coconut oil. 

Please don’t chase after men or even friends. And certainly do not change your self to please them.

People will come and go- it’s a part of life. Let them go when it’s time for them to go. Trying to force them to stay in your life is what causes toxicity.

Figure out who you are, what you like, and those who are  for you will  see the beauty and gravitate towards you. 

Remember only YOU have to see your beauty. So long as you see it no one else matters. You are with yourself 24/7- make sure your inner voice is kind to yourself not just others. 

All the time you put into caring what others think or trying to please others should be spent on YOURSELF. How do you feel? Are you looking after your needs? 

Be yourself and your soul will adore you for it. 

Be yourself and your tribe will find you. 

Solitude is beautiful

Do not fear “being the only one”. You were born unique. 

We were never meant to follow the crowd. 

Be comfortable being alone in your thoughts and ways. 

You are capable of manifesting your every wish and souls desire. It starts from within. 

Go in and face the shadows. The other side is so worth it. 

Truly Live for you. Not for others. You deserve to give all the love and attention the world demands you give to others, to yourself. 

Worry not about the opinions of others. 

Don’t live in the closet for anyone. 

Please live as your true authentic self or at least seek to truly know Self. 

Dress how you like. 

Love who you want. 

Speak how you feel. 

Dance how you want. 

Be who you want. 

Do not be ashamed of your individuality. 

Growth is constant. 

People will be resistant to you growth and try to drag you back to who/where you were. 

Don’t take it personally and do not let them. 

Everybody is fighting their own demons. 

Peoples reactions are always reflective of them- NOT you. 

Do not blame yourself for the behaviour of others. 

Stop over explaining when the answer is no.

Stop making up elaborate excuses as to why you can’t do something when really you just don’t want too. Just say no.

 If people get offended let them.

It’s a reflection of their minds not your worth.

You must always do what is best for you. 

Nobody owes you anything and you do not owe anybody anything. 

You are not entitled to peoples help or time.

You can’t save anybody but yourself. 

In doing so  and in being your true self you inspire others to do the same. 

True internal healing breaks generational curses. 

You matter. 

Don’t let people project their ideals onto you. 

Don’t let people guilt trip you into doing what’s best for them instead of for your self. 

Set unapologetic boundaries and sit firmly on your throne. 

And I’ll end with this powerful quote from Audre Loudre that I truly embodied this year:-

“if I did not define myself for myself, i would be crunched into other peoples fantasies of me and eaten alive”. 

🥂 to knowing ourselves, loving ourselves and living our truth.

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