If your body is a temple of God…showcase your divinity.

If your body is a temple of God, why then do people claim that it elicits negativity and impurity in its natural form? Why punish and restrict it under the guise of ‘sacredness’. Adding man made articles onto your body in order to make it ‘sacred’ or ‘revered’, is man once again telling the universe that Her notion of sacred is wrong and that they know better. That sacredness must be hidden away, covered up and revered in the way they have deemed fit. Thus dis aligning with nature and causing spiritual weakness. The origins of this can be traced back to the Abrahamic Adam and Eve story, where they have conveniently asserted that the wearing of clothes is as a result of our awareness of our nakedness, which came as punishment for our disobedience of the Most High. Our disobedience was eating an apple from the ‘tree of knowledge of good and evil’.

They realised, “At that moment their eyes were opened, and they suddenly felt shame at their nakedness. So they sewed fig leaves together to cover themselves.” This insinuates that the awareness of the naked self was something to be ashamed of. So prior to that realisation, they were happy, ‘ignorance is bliss‘.  But now they have eaten from, the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and that fruit has given them knowledge of their nakedness (a bad thing).  So long story short- don’t seek knowledge at all, it makes you aware of your natural form and that awareness is sin. It’s interesting how out of all the different things they could have called that tree they called it ‘knowledge of good and evil’. Doesn’t that strike you as odd? Maybe it doesn’t. It’s also interesting how “their eyes opened”, what eyes? Their third eye? Because an awakening is usually when you start to see through the thin veil between Good and evil. You realise it’s not just in the movies. The players and the lengths they will go to are mind blowing. A more profound understanding of good and evil, you realise everything has been turned upside down. It’s no wonder society time and time again deems those going through spiritual awakening as ‘crazy’.

Sanity seems insane, when all you have known is insanity disguised as sanity. 

The Genesis viewpoint is an inaccurate interpretation and a typical human mind distortion, in my opinion. Why would God make knowing about our nakedness a sin? She created us naked. It is a man-inserted ploy that truly makes no sense when you delve deeper into the whys. It benefits men to concoct this angry male head figure to enforce their subjugation of us. They are quite literally telling us that eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil is bad (so remain sheeple and do as your told). Not only is it bad, it now makes you aware of your naked form and that awareness of naked form is awareness of all things destructive and negative. Hmmm. At this point in my life I believe it to be a pile of BS.  Why would the awareness of what we were, cause us to shame? Surely if we became aware that we were naked it wouldn’t elicit shame because the naked form wasn’t a bad thing. Historically speaking it never has been. There are periods on earth where we were all naked. Africans especially. And we all know that the first humans on Earth were African hence Adam and Eve were certainly Black. One of the insults Europeans like to use is that they “found the African, naked and wandering the savannah”, so you were the clothed ones? Prior to that we were naked, according to you. So the people who come directly from your Adam and Eve, who you claim became aware of their nakedness and started wearing clothes, were in-fact naked when you claim to have ‘found’ them. Why? If Adam and Eve were first and their eyes had already been opened. How comes we were still naked? When they twist your brain backwards and have you accepting senseless stories.

The more I grow and research, the more I understand it to be control tactics, utilised to push misalignment with nature and thus spiritual weakness, ultimately making it easier to suck essential life force energy from the unsuspecting masses and harness it for their deeds.

When you align more with nature and the natural laws, you align with Divine energy and thus Divine knowledge.

Our traditional African spirituality practices did not teach against nudity or the restriction of the female form, the perversion wasn’t there.  In-fact only the Abrahamic religions truly teach these doctrines of chains and restrictions. They have used the book and continue to use the book to subdue us. Further facilitating our complicity in lack of knowledge and self-power, a lack of true critical thinking and constantly waiting on a saviour. Misunderstanding that we are our own saviours. God is within us. We are a creation of God, made from the same energy. 

I mean, how can we conveniently ignore the fact that the book was edited by King James? An advocate for the oppression of black people. How can we possibly trust any literature for worship and spirituality given by our oppressors? A group of people so obsessed with subjugating and destroying us that they have time after time, century after century committed genocide against us, pillaged, raped and enslaved us without remorse and have whitewashed our entire history. How could you ever trust any of their works? When all their works basically reiterate their same false message of our supposed inferiority. I used to be on the other side (revered the King James Bible, I was a Catholic after all) but the further I’ve gone in my journey the more I realise that to use their works of literature or spiritual practices even, is insanity. You cannot adopt your oppressors ways in ANY facet.  You have your own ways. Ways that were so powerful they attempted to snuff out.  Ways that give you direct access to source and your innate divinity.  Ways that glorify and uplift your Being.

Let’s say God is the human figure you’ve created in your head, surely you wouldn’t tell God to cover up? You couldn’t possibly. Or that Her natural essence was indecent? Surely if you felt that way, you’d realise that it’s you that had the problem with your reasoning, not God. You would ask yourself why you have demonised the temple and restricted the temple so badly. God knew what She was doing when She gave birth to us without clothes. No other animal on earth wear clothes. They are a European distortion which limits our bodies interaction with the natural elements of nature. Which have powerful effects on our connection to source.

Shaming the naked form is not treating your vessel as a temple of God. Allowing people to shame you and stop you embracing your nudity and sexuality is you treating your vessel like it is satan. Instead of the beautiful, powerful, divine feminine magic vessel it is. We are mesmerising.

Nudity is not a sin. There is no such thing as indecent dressing. It is man- inserted lunacies now passed off as the word of God. Shameful. You don’t get any more scared and divine than being in your natural state. This notion of hiding away ‘sacred things’, makes no sense.  Especially as this enforcement of ‘decent’ clothes and the need to be covered to be “sacred” is only placed upon women. A man can walk down the street topless, but if a woman does the same thing she will be arrested for ‘indecency’. When did breasts, created to feed become sexualised? When did the bum, where faeces come from become sexualised? Dive deep. Men do not have these same issues. Yet we were both supposedly in the garden and we both gained awareness of our nudity.  An obvious indication of the patriarchal male centred intention behind the demonisation of the naked female form. Nobody lays claim to another human being, so you should never attempt to control them, their “sacredness”, is not for you to harness and keep in a box to play with whenever you feel like. They do not belong to you. Wanting to have them all to yourself is toxicity passed off as normalcy. Stop restricting people. Isn’t that what Ancestor Yeshua told us? He continuously reiterated the message in all his teachings.

Your very Being is scared. Be free. Embrace your Divine Feminine energy without restriction. Let go of man-induced feelings of shame, and unworthiness. Express yourself. You are a creator, divine Being.

Embrace your divinity.

Bask in your divinity.

Revel in your divinity.

Illuminate your divinity.

Let your divinity light you up from within.

Do not dim your divinity.


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